Magic bullet?

As neat and vital as couple rituals are, they are not a magic bullet.  They are a key component of healthy relationships that often spread to other essential areas, but they are unlikely to fix an unhealthy relationship.   

Likewise, a healthy relationship can become even more wonderful and vital with the addition of tools, techniques, and awarenesses that fan the flames.


5 Love Languages

From a book by the same title, people often find connection more along some lines than others.  Learn what they are, why you would want to care, and what you can do with them. 


Few keys from Dr. Gottman’s ground-breaking work in thriving relationships.  Includes:

Non-Violent Communication

A body of work by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg shapes our every word and conversation at camp, as well as our thoughts. In essence, it is about powerfully working with needs and feelings to create connection and shared understandings . . . Emotional intelligence.

Clean Communication

One hallmark of a healthy relationship is “clean communication.” Learn the six faces of dirty communication, and how to avoid them. Critical information for all interpersonal relationships.

Three Power Words

These three words changed my life and the lives of those around me. Invest 5 minutes and see how they might change yours as well.

Need satisfaction model

This calculated exercise examines how your needs are being met now, how they could be, and asks you to think about possible paths forward.

Apologies and Time

Apologies that are powerful (and compassionate) to both the other person and yourself have a sweetness to them that invites their use.  “I’m busy” is often used, and rarely examined as to the needs and choices behind the phrase.

Expressing Your Gratitude

“Thanks” or “Aww, thanks a lot!” or “Thanks soo much!” are pretty common.  And, with this additional way of expressing your explained here, the warmth and connection will flow far more freely.  Sweet.


Why sleep?  Because it is critical to the success of your relationship, and your life.  Learn how much sleep is enough, what happens with a little and lots less sleep, pharmaceutical orientations toward sleep, mystical orientations, and sleep articles and tidbits that will make you the life of the party as you regale people with your knowledge!

E-mail and Texting Guidelines

E-mail/texting is pervasive, and couples use it productively, and poorly . . . etiquette and guidelines create the power, utility, and connection you’re both seeking.